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Stringing Beads


Our Story

Nadine met her birth family in Arizona for the first time when she was about 19 yrs old. One of her most vivid memories was of the amazing beadwork created by her Uncle Sanford. Upon returning to California, Nadine began the journey of learning this craft. Several years later, she sold her first bracelet. She has been developing her skills ever since and has expanded to other styles of jewelry to express her creativity.

All items used in Bead Alchemy jewelry are carefully selected and personally curated by Nadine. All native beaded creations are original designs and often one of a kind.  We invite you to browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with Nadine's Bead Alchemy for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact Nadine with questions, comments, or suggestions, she will be happy to hear from you!

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