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Please Like and Dislike

I had a favorite friend say “Your jewelry is pretty but it’s not anything I would wear.”. OUCH! But this is what I love about my friend, her honesty. The other thing I love about her is her heart and I knew that she didn’t mean that in a shitty way. It was her way of saying “I see the beauty of what you make, I just wear a different style of jewelry, but I appreciate what you do”.

Her question also made me think.

I saw myself at my desk, surrounded by paint, stones, beads…and I was happy. I’m in that special zone that means all the parts of me are connected internally and externally to my Source and we are vibing it out together. Whatever results from that is what it’s supposed to be and will represent the inspiration, connection and joy it came from. Later, I’ll take pictures of it and then put it out there to the world. While it’s on display, people will make their own decisions about its worth or beauty. Some will connect to it, some won’t. Some will like it, some won’t. It may find its person or It may end up staying with me. Every outcome is exactly what it is supposed to be.

My friend gave me a gift. She allowed me to open up my own experience to my inner eye and I saw that creating is an expression of a private moment between me and my Higher Power where we conspire to express ourselves in whatever medium I put in my hands, in that moment. It’s the result of a play date between my Creator and myself. Other people’s reaction or connection to it is a separate experience from this and that is why I would do what I do regardless of the reception.

Of course, I love it when people also love what I’ve created and put out there to the world. But it is imperative that people also not like it. It’s a sign it is real. It wasn’t created because I did a market study of what sells the most and recreated those types of things. It wasn’t created because it’s the trend and 9 out of 10 people polled like that thing. If art is an expression of the individual, then anything created should elicit both responses just like in life. If everyone loved and agreed with me, something is very wrong and I have lost myself and/or I need new friends. Being me means being liked and disliked, but not striving for either. Just to be the best me I can be and to leave something good in my wake. And some sparkle.


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Wanda Hulsey
Wanda Hulsey
02 oct 2023

True dat

Me gusta
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